During this challenging time, as I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many educators I realize that as an educational community we didn’t have systems in place for this type of disaster, its new to us!

We plan and practice for fire, earthquakes, lockdowns, shelter in place, etc. and have procedures in place for each of those events, but not for pandemics where society needs to shut down and schools need to implement distance learning.

When school life returns I’m sure all districts will be looking closely at distance learning and how we are going to prepare for it like we do other disasters.  Perhaps, once a month we do distance learning in the classrooms for ½ a day just like we would if we had to be at home.  Then if we experience this again, we are all prepared for continued learning to take place.

As a principal I had many events to deal with, as the stories in this book tell, but I never had to deal with school closure and educating students from afar.  I commend all the educators out there who are creating in the moment– you are our heroes!  Please continue to share your stories!

If you have read “Meet the Principal” and would like to leave me a few of your thoughts about it I would love your comments, I can use them as testimonials for the future.

Stay safe my friends….