Today I met with a vice principal I am coaching and she shared with me the distance learning plan her district has put into place for kindergarten through 5th grade students.  I was impressed with the thought that went into creating their structure for the teaching day.

Each class is split into two cohorts, A and B.  All students begin each day together participating in attendance and a social-emotional opening activity.

Then there are two whole class learning sessions of the day, one in math and one in English/language arts.

 Each of those whole class lessons is followed by small group instruction on Monday and Thursday for Cohort A while Cohort B participates in independent assignments, and on Tuesday and Friday Cohort B receives the small group instruction while Cohort A participates in the independent assignments.

Then at the end of each of those four days whichever cohort had the independent assignments participates in 30-40 minutes with the teacher for support answering questions, clarifying the assignments, etc.

Wednesday the students have a different schedule.  They start their day the same way but instead of independent cohort groups the students have music and P E while the teacher has a prep period.

Science and social studies are integrated into the English/language arts curriculum.

I like the creative way they combined small group instruction with whole class learning and managed to infuse personal chat time with the teacher at the beginning and end of the day.

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