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Amazon Customer (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“A Fun and Insightful Book! More than interesting stories among elementary staff, students and administrators.  Ms. Blomstrand offers first person insight on equity among school districts.  While not every teacher or staff member is committed to strong student  outcomes, I felt relieved to find that the majority do.  These stories also paint a compelling picture of how much is asked of teachers and staff to meet the educational and mental health needs of  our young people.  Love it!”

Old Warden (4 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“A real insight into the life of a school principal, the challenges, the successes, and the disappointments. The author covers many, many observations she has made over her long career. At times I was laughing along with her, some times I felt sorry for her and the students, and sometimes I was shocked. But they all were very interesting and readable. I have read a lot of books about the field of education from the perspective of teachers, but this is the first from the administrator view. I found it enjoyable, entertaining and educational.”

J. French (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“Fantastic Book in Certain and Uncertain Times.  If you are a principal, know a principal, or are in education in any way you need to read this book.  This is a fantastic insight into what goes on behind the scenes.”

Jennifer (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

Interesting stories of a tough and important job.  This book is written as a series of stories about the work of a principal.  What wonderful episodes about challenges and efforts by her and her teachers to make a difference in the life of the students and staff!  Love and acceptance for all sorts of situations shine forth in this book. “

Meet the Author

Jane Blomstrand is an educator with over 30 years of experience in schools. She is a former teacher of the year and has held many different positions in education including classroom teacher, literacy specialist, elementary school principal, and director of a teacher-credentialing program. When her grandkids started school they began to ask her, “What DOES a principal do all day?”  So, when she retired, she enrolled in a creative writing class and began recording many of the stories that happened during her time as a principal.