Meet the principal : Sample Story

A Principal’s Day

            Are you a fan of meetings on Zoom? How would you like to participate in thirty-six of them in one week? Could you even keep your head wrapped around the content of each one? That’s what last week was like for Pamela Trent. Pam is an elementary school principal and her school is on distance learning due to the pandemic.

Those thirty-six Zooms included classroom visits, Student Study Team meetings with parents, planning sessions with other administrators about opening up school, meetings with her Leadership Team creating team-building activities, and sessions with the construction team about modernizing the school library. The list went on and on. By Friday afternoon she felt like a pitcher of water that had filled the glasses for everyone else and there was no water left for her.

So, Pam spent her weekend filling water back in her pitcher so she would be ready when Monday morning rolled around. After last week she was looking forward to just attacking the To-Do pile on her desk.

She arrived at school at her customary 6:00 AM to take a daily walk through the park next to the school. This energized her and allowed her time to process the day ahead. Before she headed out for her walk she looked at the first item on her To-Do list…Quarterly Grade level meetings. “Oh geez, I forgot about those”. That meant from 9:00 to 12:00 she would meet for 30 minutes with each grade level team to discuss student progress, who needed support and what kind of support could they provided during distance learning. Well, there went her morning! She enjoyed these meetings, because they informed her about her students, but they were very time consuming.