Kirkus Review

“When author Blomstrand was appointed the principal of a California elementary school, she understandably found her duties daunting given that she hadn’t served as a vice principal and was now in charge of more than 700 students and 60 teachers and staff members….Blomstrand writes lucidly of the personal dimension of her work and what she sees as the “heart of education”….Some of the stories are remarkably dramatic….Blomstrand supplies a unique perspective on elementary education with impressive clarity and common sense.”      –Kirkus Reviews

H. Asselin, Teacher (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

This book was a fun and entertaining recollection of stories of what educators deal with in and out of the classroom. It is an excellent read for anyone stepping onto a campus and especially those working with students. I couldn’t put this book down and really enjoyed it! I recommend it to everyone!

R. Zinn, Retired Superintendent

“This book is a “must read” for anyone who wants an exceptionally honest and poignant account about the incredible world school principals face each day. Jane Blomstrand’s wonderful vignettes beautifully capture the complex, exciting and often unpredictable situations our school leaders must continually navigate, often on a daily basis.” 

L. M. Aguilar, Educator (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“It’s not just curriculum. Her stories are a great way for everyone to realize what a principal does all day!” 

C. Snyder, Retired Teacher (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“I highly recommend this book to new, current, and former elementary principals or teachers. The author’s personal stories are filled with creative ideas for meeting the challenges a principal faces as the leader of a school community.”

R. Christianson (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“This book is the most realistic take on how to manage a school!   I laughed and cried throughout.  I’m not even an educator, but I do have children and grandchildren.  I enjoyed every chapter.  The format was well designed.  I could recommend it to anyone that can read.  When will the sequel be available?”

H. Hogan, Parent (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“The book is a short story narrative showing the diverse day-to-day struggles and joys of an elementary principal. Her journey illustrates the delicate and dynamic relationship a principal has to navigate in order to lead a community of staff, students and parents.”

J. Evans, Parent (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“I’ve never really thought much about what school principals do all day. Now I will after reading Jane Blomstrand’s book. This is an excellent book for anyone who has a child in school or works in a school. The stories are fascinating and I was sorry when the book ended.”

J. French (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“Fantastic Book in Certain and Uncertain Times.  If you are a principal, know a principal, or are in education in any way you need to read this book.  This is a fantastic insight into what goes on behind the scenes.”

T. McShane (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

Mrs. Blomstrand’s delightfully revealing book on what goes on behind the scenes for busy school administrators is worth the time to read.  Parents, teachers and soon-to-be administrators will gain a deeper respect for the wide-ranging engagement a school principal’s role includes.  Healthy doses of humanity, humor and common sense are evident in the book.  Each chapter will end with a smile on your face.  Guaranteed!”

Customer from San Francisco (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“Must read for all aspiring principals!  Thinking of being a principal?  Jane’s stories highlight the journey site administrators go through.  Jane’s book showcases the craziness of what it takes to be a school leader.  I could relate to the stories, learn from her experiences and reflect on my own leadership.”

Jennifer (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

Interesting stories of a tough and important job.  This book is written as a series of stories about the work of a principal.  What wonderful episodes about challenges and efforts by her and her teachers to make a difference in the life of the students and staff!  Love and acceptance for all sorts of situations shine forth in this book. “

Anon (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“Just what I needed for a summer read.”   

Cara E. Williams (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“This book is really for anyone with a sense of curiosity! I believe business managers with employees and clients will relate to and enjoy the stories shared. As a prior health club manager, I feel that the stories I have are so interchangeable! Through every surprising situation that arises in her schools, the author always demonstrates that the kids matter the most. I DID NOT want the book to end! This will leave you with tears of laughter and a full belly of gratitude.

M. Dolley, Principal

“This book offers a roadmap to all that is not taught in the administrative leadership program! I am grateful for her insight and experience; her stories help me every day.”

BookePrime (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“A wonderful read!  Meet the Principal is an insightful look into a school and the complex role of a principal.  Through her private lens, the author demonstrates how she manages a dynamic school environment.  The job comes with rewards and challenges many students and parents are unaware exist.  It is a great read, both touching and funny, one to be shared with your  kids.”

Debra, Retired Principal (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“I love this book!  The author describes a wide variety of situations school administrators deal with on an ongoing basis.  After reading this book, parents, students and community members will develop a better understanding of the role administrators play in running a school program.  In fact, educators aspiring to become school principals should read Jane Blomstrand’s book to prepare them for the great joys and challenges of the job.  As a retired principal I loved reading Jane’s stories and related to them all.  Thanks so much for a great read.”

R. White, Net Galley Reviewer (4 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“A real insight into the life of a school principal; the challenges, the successes, the disappointments.  The author covers many, many observations she has made over her long career.  At times I was laughing along with her, some times I felt sorry for her and the students, and sometimes I was shocked.  But the stories were all very interesting and readable.  I have read a lot of books about the field of education from the perspective of teachers, but this is the first from an administration view.  I found it enjoyable, entertaining and educational.”

Autumn Fallen Over Book Reviews (4 of 5 stars on Amazon)

Enjoyable! “When I saw this book I really wanted to read it; I  wanted to see inside the mind of a principal.  We only get to see them when running the school, but we never see inside their minds and what they question themselves on.  In this book, we see Jane tackle some issues, see what she thought of some things that were going on, and handled situations.  I feel like Jane is one of those old school teachers who became a principal and transferred that old school teaching vibes to her school.”  

J. Kraus, Playwright/Author (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

Every teacher and parent and anyone interested in education should read this book.  Meet the Principal has been my companion at suppertime as I read the well-written vignettes. They reveal a remarkable woman who with efficiency and sensitivity raised the standards of Baxter, an elementary school in northern California. She responded to myriad challenges with diplomacy, practicality and compassion”  

M. Munson, Retired Educator (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“Great read! I’d recommend this book to not only educators but also the parents of young students. It’s important for parents to know just what a principal does.”

Amazon Customer (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“A Fun and Insightful Book! More than interesting stories among elementary staff, students and administrators.  Ms. Blomstrand offers first person insight on equity among school districts.  While not every teacher or staff member is committed to strong student  outcomes, I felt relieved to find that the majority do.  These stories also paint a compelling picture of how much is asked of teachers and staff to meet the educational and mental health needs of  our young people.  Love it!

L. Craig, (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“This is an eye opening read for anyone wanting a better understanding of the events at school that challenge the principals and teachers. The only criticism I have is that I wanted it to go on for longer.”

D. Mercer, Retired President of the YMCA of the USA (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“There is a lot more to being a principal than most folks would believe. It should be required reading for new principals.”

A. McLain, Classroom Teacher (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“I finished this book and found great comfort in it, knowing that unexpected things happen in other districts and at other schools. I laughed, I cried and realized that Mrs. Blomstrand’s stories are stories of principals and teachers all over. The school day goes by so quickly because all of these stories are what keep us on our toes each day. This book is a treasure to me because Mrs. Blomstrand has taken the time to explain each situation and conveyed her love for the job and passion for education, the same love and passion that many dedicated educators share. She really hit it all with stories from administration, students, parents, teachers and staff. This will certainly be a treasure to anyone who wonders what a principal does all day – the answer is ANYTHING that comes that day, and it will be handled with just the perfect amount of grace.”

B. H. Griffin

“I loved this book! It should be required reading in teacher training programs!”

River Runner (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

Great insight into the skillset required to be an effective principal in our schools.  I appreciated Blomstrand’s approach of sharing the complex and challenging job of a principal through stories.  Through them she weaves strategies and wisdom necessary to deal with the myriad of situations that are a part of a principal’s everyday experience.”

K. Wong (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“Wow, a book written by someone who really knows education!  You can tell when you read it the author has the experience and knowledge to help the reader get a deeper understanding of education.  It is well written and very helpful.

Amazon Customer, (5 of 5 Stars on Amazon)

“Blomstrand’s reflections remind readers of the powerful devotion and work of a principal to see and serve every student.  Those in education would be inspired by her humility, bravery and determination.  Those outside of education would see more clearly the layers of challenges in education, and how vital educators are in the fabric of our communities.”

Old Warden (4 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“A real insight into the life of a school principal, the challenges, the successes and the disappointments. The author covers many, many observations she has made over her long career. At times I was laughing along with her, some times I felt sorry for her and the students, and sometimes I was shocked. But they all were very interesting and readable.
I have read a lot of books about the field of education from the perspective of teachers, but this is the first from the administrator view. I found it enjoyable, entertaining and educational.

J. Alden (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“For those of us in education, this book is incredibly valuable in learning the ins & outs from an expert in the field. Jane blends wonderful storytelling with invaluable first-hand experience to make this read an exceptionally worthwhile experience. Can’t wait for the next one.” 

L. Jackson (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

This book made me want to be a principal! These thoughtful and inspiring stories give great insight into how to run a school and do it well. As a parent, I related to many of the episodes in the book from when my 3 kids went through public school. Very readable, I read it all in one sitting!“    

Di Les Books etc (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“Even people without students in our schools should read this book, especially those of us who were educated over fifty years ago. Jane Blomstrand’s stories about what she dealt with daily would surely convince anyone of the importance and profound impact that one person can make to a challenging and complex system — one that is vital to the continuance of our democracy and so worthy of our support. Definitely a good read!

M. Haase, Classroom Teacher (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“I highly recommend reading this book. Jane Blomstrand does an excellent job at explaining how difficult it is for a school to rise above its challenges. She gets the reader to try to understand the dance between teacher, student, parent and curriculum. I found myself underlining and making notes, and saying out loud, YEP! A must read even if you are not in education.”     

A. H. Miller, Parent (5 of 5 stars on Amazon

“The stories are both funny and at times sad and certainly thought provoking. I enjoyed the book so much that I have bought another copy to give to a friend who was also in the education field.”

B. Griffin, Retired Teacher (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“I don’t usually write reviews of books I have read, but this book is so much more than the title suggests.” 

S. Freeman (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“A wonderful and hopeful read- what started a journal turns into an enlightening glimpse behind the curtain of school administration. Today’s challenges are hard for outsiders to understand. The author shows us with heart and humor. Thanks for sharing you memories and expertise,”          

R. Spencer (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“I like this book because it showed what one person can do to change the lives of so many. It’s a great example of how team building and drawing a community together can make such a difference in students’ lives.