Welcome, I’m Jane Blomstrand!

Author of “Meet the Principal: My Journey Beyond the Curriculum.”


K. Wong (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“Wow, a book written by someone who really knows education!  You can tell when you read it the author has the experience and knowledge to help the reader get a deeper understanding of education.  It is well written and very helpful.”

Customer from San Francisco (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“Must read for all aspiring principals!  Thinking of being a principal?  Jane’s stories highlight the journey site administrators go through.  Jane’s book showcases the craziness of what it takes to be a school leader.  I could relate to the stories, learn from her experiences and reflect on my own leadership.”

Jennifer (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

Interesting stories of a tough and important job.  This book is written as a series of stories about the work of a principal.  What wonderful episodes about challenges and efforts by her and her teachers to make a difference in the life of the students and staff!  Love and acceptance for all sorts of situations shine forth in this book. “

A. Oberg

“What a great read for me during this “distance learning time.”

B. H.Griffin

“I loved this book! It should be required reading in teacher training programs!”

S. Clarke, educator (5 of 5 stars on Amazon)

“For principals, teachers and parents who have children as their #1 priority.”    

– A Einstein

“Everybody is a genius, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree; it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”